Recolis プライバシーポリシー



()放送サービスセンター 及び  ()ディジオ




-          接続しているWi-FiSSID名(例:HSC-WiFi」)

-          端末の機種名、機種コード (例:iPhone-XS Max」、「iPhone11,6」)

-          端末のホスト名  (例:iPhone」)

-          端末のシステムのバージョン番号(例:iOS 12.0.1」)

-          端末のバッテリー残量 (例:60%」)

-          端末のCPU利用状況 (例:40%」)











-          本人のご了解がある場合

-          法令等への協力のため、開示が必要となる場合







Recolis Privacy Policy


Application providers who get information

Hoso Service Center Co., Ltd. and Digio Corp.


About personal information handled by the application

This application may send the following information to the server (broadcasting computer).

-          SSID name of the connected Wi-Fi (Example: "HSC-WiFi")

-          Device model name and model code (eg "iPhone-XS Max", "iPhone 11,6")

-          Host name of the device (eg "iPhone")

-          System version number of the device (eg "iOS 12.0.1")

-          Battery level of the device (eg "60%")

-          CPU usage of the device (Example: "40%")

This application never send any informations that can be identifyed an individual or a device  other than specified the above.


About the permissions required by this application

This application connects to a dedicated Wi-Fi access point to receive audio. In order to confirm/display whether or not it is possible to connect to the target Wi-Fi access point, or whether it is already connected,  this application requests the authority to acquire location information. This application does not get any informations about the location of the device.


Purpose of use of personal information

These informations in the above paragraph sent by this application is used by the organizer/broadcaster only for the purpose of checking/improving the communication/operation status of the entire system. We will not use them for any other purpose.


Disclosure of personal information to third parties

These informations in the above paragraph sent by this application will be properly managed and will not be disclosed to a third party except in the following cases.

-        When there is the consent of the person

-        When disclosure is required for cooperation with laws and regulations


About changes of the privacy policy

Hoso Service Center Co., Ltd. and Digio Corp will comply with Japanese laws and regulations that apply to personal information, and will review the content of this policy from time to time to improve it.

The latest amended privacy policy will always be disclosed on this page.